The brochure from the gallery

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This is me continuing to work on entropy, broken symmetry, for some reason it never ends.

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My new site.

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Hello, I apologize for disappearing for almost a year, ill health, I’ll leave it at that. But I continued to work towards my coming show at Gallery On The Bay. in Hamilton, Ontario. I will be posting all my new works on my new, ad-free page Graham Houston Arts along with upcoming events and the occasional rant about whatever is pissing me off at that point.

‘Hunger’, 120″ X 72″, oil on canvas, 1993.

‘Greed’, 60″ X 36″, oil on canvas, 2010.

‘Broken Symmetry’, 59″ X 59″, acrylic on canvas, this work is still in progress. And probably will be in progress until the night before delivery 🙂


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The continuation…

Breaking symmetry.

The baby wormhole as seen from the resting position.

The artist should always be willing to sleep with their creations to prevent screams in the night.

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Art therapy

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Underpainting watercolour on a canvas to cease the cycling in my thoughts.

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Me in 2018

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I just wanted to record this before I clip the beard off. 🙂


Order XIII

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