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Entropy : Order & Chaos : The Art of Graham Houston, Volume 2

Available on amazon soon:)


Within a closed system the observations state there is a movement from order to disorder over time, a broken glass cannot reassemble itself by reversing time, however if time is infinite in one direction there is a high probability the glass will reassemble itself in time. Its the second law of thermodynamics!

My book on Amazon

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Bedlam: The Art of Graham Houston Volume 1



Bedlam : The Art of Graham Houston

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My new books have arrived. Still editing, but they will soon be available on Amazon. I will post that link when it happens.

The shape of things

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The Shape of Things

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‘ Soldier 1 ‘, mixed media on watercolour paper, 21″ X 30″, 2015, $1,500.

The Tree

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The Tree 5

Painting this tree in the park across the road during the farmer’s market.0000H



Painting at Studio 1291

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