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Yin Yang

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‘Crucified’, 36″ X 60″, oil on canvas.

You can tell when something is man made by the way in which it oppresses and suppresses women.

I could never have faith in something that would claim to torture and execute an innocent person, for what? So you can forgive me?  Who the fuck do you think you are?

I’m running out of room here. My madness is showing.

Dance with me!!!

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‘Dance with MEEEE!’, 5″ X 7″, pencil on paper, 2009.

The Other Foot

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‘The Other Foot’, 8″ X 10″, 7b and 9b pencils on paper.

Cheap Gasoline!

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Gasoline is $1.23 per litre here in Canada, it was the last time I ventured outside into the adrenaline soaked roadways that suffocate my house. I have to walk. Everybody looks angry. Nobody is moving fast enough for anyone else. It is as dangerous as the wilds of Africa, I tell myself. However, the lions are far fewer and further between than the metallic entertainment boxes that whiz around the tarmac like ants on LSD. I have no idea how to give LSD to ants. But I can picture in my mind the ants would look just like you do driving around aimlessly looking for the last deal. There must be sugar here somewhere!

As I don’t drive I have no idea if that price of gasoline is too high for you, or too low. I don’t actually do anything, or go anywhere. But I’ve never heard anyone else say we should pay more. I wonder how cheap we should make it. You know, so you can all have all the toys you ever wanted, in your houses, in every room even, and the car too. If gasoline were 25 cents per litre, just think of how big our cars could be. What is the right price for luxuries. How little do you want to pay for them.

But life is great here in Canada, I can still do this. Although I’m using dollar store art supplies and found pieces of plywood I can still say something. I have a nice place to live, even though I feel I am surrounded by distaste and suspicion, its not their fault, they are oblivious of the world, and I am paranoid. Its a horrible place to look at. But someone glued my eyes open and turned the volume up full blast. You don’t think there is a connection between what we want and what the planet and its people are paying now? Or the 600,000 children under 5 on the verge of dying from starvation.
Or, if your in Canada, 400,000 under 3 year olds, it sounds better for some reason. For some, I think, the price of gasoline will be just right when you don’t hear me anymore. I will be out of your sight.

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