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A Wall Of Defence

Posted in Anthropology, Arts & Entertainment, drawing, Entertainment, Graphic Anthropology, Pencil on paper, Sculpture with tags , , on March 22, 2012 by graphicanthropology

They were unto us.

That’s what it says. I’ve sat and looked at this monument many times and never actually read everything. I sat in the front of this Cenotaph in Central Park Canada today. I decided to brave the traffic noises and stink. I couldn’t ignore them though as every other car seemed to have a reason to honk their horn. I’ve studied this many times, but this is my first attempt at actually sketching. The front is actually a large, 60 foot square concrete pad, with iron benches, not too comfortable. I feel that it needs to be a large painting. But I feel that way about everything.

This is what it  looks like from my studio.

Those green iron benches are literally a pain.