} Overture { Graphic Anthropology } { Part One }

This is not an attempt at animation of any kind. It is simply a way of gathering a lot of static images, manipulating slideshow software, movie software and audio software. The original purpose was to show 21 paintings in a small gallery with room only for 5, by monitor and USB. Then I realized I had no room on my webpage any more as it was filled with large photo files of these images. Putting them all in a video I could delete all the files and have more room for future work. I am primarily a painter of static images.

Following what I understand to be the premise of Research Methods in Anthropology; Second Edition by H. Russell Bernard, namely that the best data on a culture is gathered by a member, or sampling of members, of that culture, using the tools available to that culture at that time. I may be wrong. This slideshow/essay is not written in English, there are no words, or very few, it is Graphic Anthropology.

I remembered my essay was overdue!!! And I had to get it online, TODAY, so it could be converted to microwaves and blasted off into space at the speed of light toward the centre of the universe, everything goes there eventually, something to do with gravity. You don’t have to watch it, its already gone into space, but you can click play, put it on full screen with your headphones on, if you don’t like what you see then just close your eyes and listen, listen to the sound of my voice 🙂 if you don’t like that then turn off the sound, but keep your eyes closed, and count to 30,000 or so.

Thank you 🙂

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