A local ad for my talk on art and stuff :)

There are 13 of these.
On the 23rd of March I will be giving a talk on my work, 2p.m.-4p.m.
Or maybe I will show how to stretch paper. I don’t know yet.
I might also say a few other things.
I will be giving away one of these casts of the sculpture ‘Hungry’ to the first 13 people who show up at the talk at Creative Cup. Think of this as bribery or blackmail, either way, it should be fun.
What will I say? I think I would rather surprise myself.

6 Responses to “A local ad for my talk on art and stuff :)”

  1. Melancholia Says:

    I wish I could be there, best wishes for a wonderful talk.

  2. Melancholia Says:

    The Hungry wants to talk. After he has a cup of coffee. Feed him. Gosh, this is easy! I have a real talent for this! Beats the hell out of slaving over a stubborn project all day.

    • I may have to explain them yes, if i’m giving them away, I do have a couple in shadow box frames so I can show people how to hang them in their kitchens. I will try to insist they go in as kitchen artwork.

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