Frienemy Dance


‘Frienemy Dance’.

6 Responses to “Frienemy Dance”

  1. Melancholia Says:

    Is this a new frienemies? They look a little more fleshed out and the colors are different. And there seems to be a bit more friend than enemy, more of a resignation than a war.

    • Yes its new, my first try using just acrylics and drawing. Resigned to the fact there seems to be a perpetual conflict, so we may as well dance, its more fun.

      • Melancholia Says:

        Very nicely blended colors. Didn’t you draw your acrylic pictures before?

      • Some of the ‘domesticated’, as I call most of them, are in pencil form, but the others are all oils and I didn’t draw at all. I started them all with a load of blood colour mixed to look like dried blood, then did the rough in with the body forms with a brush, I guess thats drawing with a brush, starting with the left eye of each character, I did have stories in mind when I started, like cannibal girls for instance, or murder, a few are suicidal too. Friendship was also a theme in the first ones with men in some and women in others, then how they interact, or the opposite. Then the knife, palette knife the clothes and some background. A lot of the later ones have wallpaper with text written on it, some are the titles of the paintings.

  2. Melancholia Says:

    You are as prolific as Joyce Carol Oates. Someday I will have to guess which ones you did in pencil. Games for a rainy day.

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