I Love You

I love this song. You should really download it and listen to it on a proper song listening device. Maybe its the lyrics, I don’t know, I made a video of pictures of my paintings using this song. Maybe its the pentatonic scale. Seduced by math once again.

Speaking of math, has anyone else noticed how all the pollsters in americaland are using prime numbers to announce their findings on the current state of the American mind. Nobody says 50%, or 75% or even 90% anymore. Its all 47% this, and 81% that. So it must be true right, its all randomy, it must be true. Or maybe I’m the only socio-mathematician paying attention. I love you anyway. You do know of course the CHURCH banned the use of the pentatonic scale as it tends to invoke inappropriate emotions, that’s from anthropology, just thought you would like to know.

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