What to do, what to do, what does any creative person do, why do it at all, why write, why draw, why paint, what’s the point, it seems the elimination of this technology might be the only thing that makes sense, that makes it work. The very thing that gives the thousands of bits of attention per hour, bits of attention, what did you do last minute, I have watched this happen, I have watched friends CLICK their way through my entire portfolio, 40 years, in a few minutes and say, so what have you just done, what’s new????? Two million images to browse on a facebook ad? On one ad, why bother, who has the time for more than a nanosecond.

Nothing, that’s what I’ve done, for 6 weeks. I don’t really know what to do anymore. I’m not inclined to tell you how awesome you all are. That’s not what I do. I watch, I think, and I paint…..

‘Beasts’, 24″ X 32″ oil on panel, 1996.

I paint what I see. Monsters. Religious monsters, political monsters, emotional voids, void of empathy, a desire to punish, longing for idiocy, please please please I don’t want to think anymore, help me choose what is wrong!!! not right! that’s too hard, that’s like walking uphill, my batteries won’t last that long@@@!!!

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