Resistance is Vital

Resistance in the studio, to show scale, its hard to get a good impression of artwork just from the web image.

This is one of those images, one of many, I keep meaning to revisit, do it again, it still holds a great deal of meaning today. This piece is from 1997, approximately, I don’t date the work usually. Its called ‘Eunuch’, it is about abuse, physical and emotional. Its a difficult thing to revisit, but still, it seems everywhere today, worse than ever, worldwide. It was painted on a piece of paper tablecloth. With a large pallette knife and cheap oil paints. I was broke, too broke to buy canvas, or even cheap plywood. I attacked the paper for about an hour, and it was done, gobs of paint falling to the floor. So I stuck another piece of paper to the wet painted surface and ripped it off quickly, like tearing a bandage off an open wound, at least that’s what was in my mind at the time. It is falling apart. Paper doesn’t last long with oil soaked into its surface, and through the back.

This is the back, soaked still with linseed oil. This is what the contact print looked like too. It got mounted in a very expensive frame and sold in 1998. Actually, I traded it for a whole lot of wine and food at a restaurant. About 3 months worth of drinking and eating out.

Now this is the third time I’ve taken it out in the past year, with the intention of re-painting it on proper canvas. The shape of the world, the horror, its still happening, its never stopped, its getting worse, motivates me more than the condition of the painting. But its like some of the other images I have, painted on scraps of masonite, particle board, that I have been asked to do, ‘If you do that again on canvas, I’ll buy it from you!!!”, excuses, well, if only it were that easy. These paintings are a frame of mind, in an instant of time, that is gone, mostly I’d rather not go there again. Sometimes I feel compelled.

‘Eunuch’, 36″ X 36″, oil on paper, 1997 (approx.)

2 Responses to “Resistance is Vital”

  1. thedawnerupts Says:

    Wow. Your words add so much depth to an already magnificent, painful piece…

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