How I paint a rose.


You can click on the images for a better view.

This is 300lb. cold press paper. Stretched on plywood (see link on the right for paper stretching) and dried until flat.

In this style of watercolour, each petal is first wet with clean water, then a light wash of colour is applied.

The paper will do a lot of the shading for you.

Darker washes in the same manner bring out the depth.

This image will now dry overnight.

The same method is used for the stems and leaves.

After the paper has dried, its usually best overnight, or a hair dryer is fine. It is a good idea to refresh the drawing. Here I’m using watercolour pencils to define the shadows.

Use a fine brush with clean water to blend the pencil marks.

I seem to have a visitor on my painting.

From the forest outside of my studio.

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