I really like this drawing. The boot has an attitude. I imagine black stockings, a short skirt, a cigarette, “What are you lookin’ at?” she says.
She flung off her boots as she jumped on the bed and they landed on the luggage across the room. “Put them back on.” I said.
I have a vivid imagination in case you hadn’t noticed.

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  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    Your imagination is a bit off. Silky white dress with long old tyme button sleeves, a necklace of hearts and feathers, blood red tights, and the spikey boots. I would never fling them. Sit down ladylike, pull each carefully off and place them on the floor, neatly, side by side. Then I would bum a cigarette from you and you’d light it. All the while I’d be talking about how much I liked my new dress, where I bought the pretty necklace, what a bargain I got on the boots, until your eyes glazed over. Then I’d bum another cigarette, drink some coffee and start talking a mile a minute, lost in my own world. Pretty soon, you would be out of cigarettes.

  2. melancholiastudioinc Says:


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