Neolithic Horse

‘Neolithic Horse’, 30″ X 32″, gypsum, watercolors, cotton and clear acrylics on panel, 2001.

I made this piece shortly after major surgery and while I was still enrolled in anthropology at university. It was part of my proof that the original artists of the paleolithic and neolithic didn’t have to cut their fingers off to make a hand print of various finger patterns. That was the idea of some stupid archaeologist that must never have picked up a paint brush or pencil or had any kind of creative thought in their life. The hand prints are mine. I did not chew up stones and ruin my teeth to make pigment, that can be done by bashing it with stones in a bowl, why would people for whom teeth and fingers were vital go chewing stones and chopping off their fingers. They created artwork that has lasted 40,000 years, how long have we managed, how long will digital art be around? I got an A+ for my original thinking.

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