‘Neurotica’, 36″ X 60″, oil on canvas, 1999.

For scale, here it is in the stairwell of my sons upside down house.

4 Responses to “Neurotica”

  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    That is an interesting painting, I have heard about upside down houses, but I don’t think I ever saw one.

    • My daughter in law would say its what happens when you have two little boys and you run a daycare for 4 more out of your home. Great fun, very loud, lots of happy screaming madness.

      • melancholiastudioinc Says:

        As stressful as shrieking kids can be, it must be so much fun, when you get a chance to relax over a coffee, to reflect on the human in its natural form, squealing whilst jumping up and down on the bed and p–g in the potted plant.

      • It is fun, kids keep you young, at least young at heart. I remember going to the mall with the kids and grand kids, my grand daughter doing one of her goofy walks done the middle of the mall, mumbling and shouting and laughing at her own jokes. I wondered what would happen if I did that.

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