Pencil Box

‘Box’, 5″ X 7″, pencil on paper.

13 Responses to “Pencil Box”

  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    This is beautiful,

  2. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    If people were educated in the arts, they would have, as I had to, stand in front of nudes for hours on end, forced to look at nudes, and draw, until the feet were so tired they could fall off, using the left hand instead of the right because the arm hurt so much, they wouldn’t have the energy to ridicule the human body or it’s necessary appendages and by way of, insult the sensibilities of the artist. Same stupid people who go to church.

  3. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    Part of what really annoyed me, was, sure, I could use a free model, that would be great, but that’s not what they meant. And I was going through a time when I was too exhausted to work anyway, and no one cared I was not feeling well. Being ill is difficult enough, without having it thrown at you people could care less and go to church and come out looking for someone to foist their masturbatory fantasies on. More art classes, less church, that will do away with some of the wars.

    I would certainly have taken their money for a nude portrait, but they wouldn’t know how to explain it to their wives, so they could not have had their portraits done anyway. The double life must remain undetected, like serial killers. I wonder if their wives find them as tedious and useless as I do.

    • There doesn’t seem any such thing as a free model. You always have to pay in some way or other.

      • melancholiastudioinc Says:

        Well, Van Gogh did not get a free model in Saskia, but Sorrow is worth millions. Other impressionists sent the girlfriend/models out to earn the family keep. Talk about fauvists/beasts.

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