‘Ace of Swords’, 9″ X 12″, pencil on paper.

3 Responses to “Sword”

  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    A situation with doubled-edged, poteIntial, unlike the wand, not a force of nature, can be used for good or evil, must be weilded with a strong heart.

    Beautiful drawing, you took a lot of care with the cross-hatching. For someone who likes to work in series, you could design a very nice deck of tartot cards. Plus, you are adept with letter and numerals. I think thre are 72 cards, including marjor and minor arcana, Who will be the queen of hearts? It’s amusing, like designing chess pieces.

    I could see your frenemy people.

    • Thanks, I have a few of these. I started playing around with the idea a couple of years ago. Every now and then a new one pops into mind. I know what all the cards are but I’m not that familiar with what they mean. Is that what the card stands for? The frenemies might work, as a group they are called ‘domesticated’, I have a fair number of them in pencil too. But watercolours might work too, I’ll keep on playing with them, and posting them.

      • melancholiastudioinc Says:

        I know some of them, I had to look this up. It’s fun to have fun with pictures. The domesticants are very interesting. And colorful.

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