‘Homs’, 18″ X 24″, acrylic on canvas. Today.

5 Responses to “Homs”

  1. This is a haunting image. the sense of peace in the foreground and distance between us and the burning city is very evocative. If I can work out how to re-post, may I do so please? Both the image and the subject deserve to go viral (not that that is in my power as such).

    • Thank you, and yes you can re-post. I think its available in the same way as the ‘like’ button on the page. If you click on the title of the post it opens another page with just that post and at the top is a ‘like’ button and the ‘reblog’ button.

      • It does seem very odd sometimes what will or won’t go viral. It seems to me more often it is something cute, puppies and kittens. But you never know, and we can always hope for something meaningful, something that may change the shape of the world. I’ve been bothered by the problems in the middle-east for some time, most recently Syria and in particular the terrible things being done to children. Its evil incarnate. I despise them for this being in the world at a time when my grandchildren are growing up and hearing these things. I feel angry and powerless too often. The painting helps me to cope with the anger, and in some way let my kids know that I cared, that I at least noticed something was wrong with the world. Even if I can’t fix it for them.

  2. I have reposted your later version of this with your word picture. It deserves to be circulated. Thanks for permitting me to do this. BW

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