The Tower

‘The Tower’, 9″ X 12″, pencil on paper.

I live at the top. They won’t let me out. I balance on the rails of the balcony when I think I can fly away. Someday I will.

6 Responses to “The Tower”

  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    Don’t forget to leave a forwarding address, you will need pencils.

  2. This has the feel of a doodle, in a good way. Something that started as abstract lines undirected by the conscious mind, the thought building with the developing shapes.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      There are a lot of my drawings that begin by trying to make my mind as uncluttered as the blank paper. Put a mark down, usually a curve of a circle bigger than the paper, sometimes an ‘s’ in reverse, I don’t know why exactly, I find it helps clear my head, its hard to describe in words. I guess thats why painters paint.

      • graphicanthropology Says:

        After some thought about words. Maybe I could say its like having a goal without taking aim, or a meaning without intention, hmmm, I could add words, but that may be more like trying to explain the abstract after its done. Its different when your doing it, and your not thinking of anything. With this one the tower obviously came in somewhere in the thought process, but all of these ones, were started with a blank mind, meditative maybe.

      • graphicanthropology Says:

        Of course not everything is this way, there are definitely images which are laid out in detail, with intention I should say. This one is from a couple of years ago when my daughter had asked me if I would make a Tarot card deck. I tried to draw them without thinking what it would become, sort of like an unturned card. Scribbling the start, automatic drawing, but of course I’m influenced by knowing what all the cards were.

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