Yin Yang

Click image for fullscreen view. Click again for even bigger than fullscreen. Photo-shopped sculpture design for dinner ware.

13 Responses to “Yin Yang”

  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    odd choice for dinnerware?

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      It goes with the pattern in the ‘Some Mathematics’ post, which would be the wallpaper. A dining room with the theme of Hunger. A frequent theme in the work.

      • melancholiastudioinc Says:

        Yes, I see what you mean from the comments and what you’ve written about this. That dining table sounds very interesting. Utensils? Silk napkins with embroidered edging of your soapstone image? The wallpaper would work very well. Curtains at the window over the sink? A dog lurking by the side of a chair waiting for scraps? I’ll bet you could do an amazing painting of the scene.

        I did a family dinner scene many years ago. The painting was lost or stolen. Anyway, I’ll look for the photo, Sometimes I think I should re-paint it from the photo.

      • graphicanthropology Says:

        Its one of those ideas that keeps expanding, from the time I painted ‘Hunger’ in 1993. There hasn’t been any enthusiasm for hanging that painting in any art galleries, and I doubted anyone would give over their gallery for an installation of art no one wants to look at. So the idea expanded into making everything expensive, high quality porcelain, silver cutlery etc. Trying to make it into something beautiful that people would look at, even if the subject is hard.

        You should re-paint it, its your image/creation and you can re-paint them if you want. They always have different energy to them I find. Musical artists replay their favourites all the time.

  2. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    I think galleries would do well to be more open minded about what they think people want to look at. I notice a lot of gallery spaces put up an artist’s work which isn’t all that interesting, and months go by and its still hanging there. They could give people a break from it, hang something else for a week or so and go back to their “safety” pictures.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      I seem to be living in a small blue collar conservative town/city. Its all about safety pictures all of the time. The internet gets more attention than art galleries in todays world, I believe. Coffee shops and bars can be more open minded at times, but they have other drawbacks, like hyper-caffeinated animosity towards what the work says, or drunken threats about what the work means.

      • graphicanthropology Says:

        It seems to me that today artwork is to be decorative and nothing else. Nothing thought provoking or mysterious. Just another commodity to be rapidly consumed without causing indigestion, like candy. People will generally choose chocolate over brocolli if given a choice. Maybe its always been like that.

      • melancholiastudioinc Says:

        You were very right when you mentioned it being all about the gadgets. I’m sure people have more gadgets than they know what to do with, and apps galore, 10 gadgets that do the same thing, and if they have something on the wall it is a $15 framed print from Target or a $40 over the couch abstract from Ikea.

        People who will say art is useless or learning art is useless, well it isn’t; art is being used to sell TO them for one thing, if they weren’t knee deep in mass market prints with their noses stuck in Angry Birds they might look elsewhere.

        The possibilities of less “safe” for exhibit, I imagine only by accident and never design. I guess art as far as students go has been materialized out of existence? I have seen the glossy high end art mags, and you have to read the description to know the lovely yarn knit elk is some sort of environmental statement and the artist will wax lyrical about the lovely quality of the yarn….it’s a yarn all right. Once upon a time, a urinal was quite the scandal, I don’t know if there are any modern day equivalent. It’s hard to think anything will shake out in the end. A lot of art will end up in the dumpster like many of the US WPA projects, a project no one wishes to revive in this hard times.

        Anyway, some one once said snidely, an artist can always create, they don’t need to go to school or even buy equipment! You can re-cycle stuff off the street! and someone else commented, yes, the corporations are taking your garbage and selling it back to you. You know, there might be more surgeons and less serial killers who like to dismember and mutilate bodies if the latter had fueled their talents with a scalpel at school instead of the streets. But I can’t go too far with that analogy, because it gets into a whole bunch of other issues.

      • graphicanthropology Says:

        I think ‘art’ really is one of those words like ‘beauty’, or ‘love’. Everyone has a different idea. Seven billion definitions. For many years I’ve told people I am a painter. Its up to them to decide if its art. Most so called ‘art’ on peoples walls is about safety, something that doesn’t give any indication of anything that they might identify with. If you ask them how they feel about the local wal-mart selling 200 of the same image in their tiny neighbourhood, most would be relieved. They don’t want to be individuals. They want to feel they are in a majority of some kind. Group think. Its easier to do the same things as everyone else, think the same thoughts, play the same games, hang the same or similar styled art on the wall. In this case art is certainly not useless either, it gives people comfort that they aren’t isolated, friends must have the same taste and be in the same income bracket. Nobody wants to look up from their gadgets because they might see something terrifying. They might actually see the real world the way it is. No one wants to see art that might make them think of those things. That this comfortable world we have in the west could end in the blink of an eye, overnight, but the button isn’t for a weapon anymore, here its the ‘delete’ button on a PC. All our money is electronic. Everyone is living in fear, no one wants to stick out.
        Sometimes I wish that anthropology was a mandatory course for all students in high school. They could learn just how much of human civilization is directly connected to art. Artistic expression is older than agriculture. It has been used to teach, and beautify dismal surroundings, and to manipulate and seduce. It is inextricably linked to everything we do. We are visual beings. Advertising has always been the only acceptable form, the promotion of a company or election candidate or a dictator. Free thinking artists are a bother to those who seek control, or just think that humanity should be controlled. I wonder about that one sometimes. Humanity does seem to need controlling at times.
        Here’s an idea, all the people who have been replaced by machines, robots or software, are entitled to the money that the machine continues to make for the company. The machine doesn’t need it, it doesn’t eat or have a family to feed. If all the money just goes into the owners hands, then a situation will arise, eventually, were there are no people with enough money to purchase the products made by the machine. I believe we are there now, just my opinion. Most people would prefer to work at something. But there is something wrong with demanding they do something demeaning for food money, because they have been replaced by the robot. There’s still piles of money around, piles of food. The fact that there are so many people living on the streets, suffering health problems from bad food, psychological problems from a loss of hope, indicates a level of greediness in the wealthy that is despicable. The media has made poverty into the poor persons fault. I wonder who paid for that characterization.
        A good critical novel that relates to the WPA is ‘Player Piano’ by Kurt Vonnegut. A super computer has taken over all production of all things that people need. There is only one person needed to operate this giant machine. He is the only human left with a job. But the machine knows its humans need money to buy the things it makes. And that idle humans are trouble. So all humans must work for their money, even though nobody has to anymore. The only employee drives to work along roads lined with men digging ditches going one way, on the way back the men are all filling in the ditches. Day in and day out. It isn’t science fiction anymore.
        Wow, serial killers and surgeons eh? That makes me wonder how they would be on an empathy test, if there were such a thing. I wonder if a surgeon could do what they do if they were very empathic. I did a painting of an operating room years ago, the surgeon was holding a breadknife and inhaling laughing gas, the patient was asleep. Nothing gory, just my bent sense of humour. I did it for a friend who went to ‘doctor’ school.

  3. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    Yes. I agree. I have always believed people who work at McDonald’s should make a large enough salary to afford a place to live, take care of themselves and/or their families and everyone is entitled to health care. As you point out, the machines don’t need the money. Exactly. The human has done nothing wrong to deserve being replaced with an inanimate object. Makes me think the DuChamp “The Large Glass” — the bride and her suitors or some such. I believe it was also DuChamp who considered a snow shovel work of art having grown up with no snow and never having seen one. People laughed. But think. A real shovel, a handmade one, would be considered something of an antique. Old tools and such are quite highly prized collectibles and often used for decor. My father (who is not sane) hung a pick axe, a shovel and a rake on the front of the house, inside the porch. It was kind of lethal looking. I was not living there at the time, I had gone for my mother’s funeral (I am so far off on a tangent today) I didn’t manage to get a picture of it. I wanted to paint it so bad. I asked me sister (who is not sane either) to send me a photo of it, she sent me one of the rose bush in front of the chimney.

    McDonald’s once perhaps was a place high school kids earned a little bit of money, but no one foresaw then that jobs at McDonald’s would become the only job to get. Cashiers are being replaced by self-serve checkouts. Soon all the store needs is a manager and a stock person. And where do the people go? To war?

    McDonald’s is always such a metaphor here. That and Target, and Walmart. If people had a decent amount of money, they wouldn’t be eating at McDonald’s and McDonald’s would go out of business.

    I was watching Mitt Romney on tv blathering about money for capital, blah, blah, giving the small business owner a break, I realize that any number of people will actually believe him and I laughed in horror. He’s not even a good actor. I’m going to stick with my idea that the Republicans are sitting this one out.

    I would gladly splash paint on canvas with pretty colors to match the couch for Target. Which goes back to being replaced by the machine. It might get a little boring, but I could find some enjoyment in it.

    I had the misfortune last summer to require the services of a surgeon. He marched into the room like Adolf Hitler and barked “You sit up straight when you see your doctor!” “Where did this filthy fascist pig come from?” I thought. “This is the doctor? Somebody please tell me there has been a mistake.” He started whining about how he wanted to be an artist instead of a doctor…… I don’t know what possessed me, but I said “You decided you’d rather watch people croak.” He was quite offended and shook his finger in my face. He has an excellent reputation as a surgeon, apparently. I suspect perhaps that isn’t so, but would like to believe it for obvious reasons. On a second follow up office visit, he groped me. He tickled me in the ribs and reached for the other side with his other hand. So, of course, I giggled, but then I realized what he did and I pulled my jacket shut. I was still trying to talk to him about my health. I walked out and looked at the receptionist. She was asking him if I needed another follow up….I thought, she must have some idea he’s a pig, if she works for him. I did not make an appt. On the way out, there was no security guard. I thought who would believe me? I was also in a neighboring city and couldn’t walk to my local police station. I had come alone. The first person I told was my friend who works in the deli by my house. And then I called some other people. I told my primary doc. He tried to pretend he didn’t hear me. So I repeated myself. He said “You should report it to the police if that’s what happened.” If. He said he was shocked, I said, well, he wouldn’t do it to you. I said I wasn’t reporting it because I was too ill. Which is true. I was and still am not well at all, and that pig should be ashamed of himself. To grope a disabled women. The surgeon. The surgeon who saved my life when my lung collapsed was the same surgeon who groped a disabled woman. I ask you. And so you see, surgeons and serial killers. Surgeons and slashers and serial killers. He wasn’t much of an artist.

    I am quite sure he prided himsel on his steady hands. He cuts and pastes human parts. Ignores human hearts.

    And lastly, electronic money. When I need to buy something I think as often or more often about the plastic to be swiped than actual cash. The money as you point out kind of doesn’t really exist. From barter, to cash for goods, to plastic to hand and now card to machine. I once borrowed a book from the library and handed the librarian my debit card. It was all the same. “They should just put a chip in my head and be done with it.” I said to the librarian. Are you still reading this? I hope at least it is entertaining.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      Yes I am still reading. More than entertaining. I hope your okay with it being on the page, but I don’t know how else to work this blog for communication. I don’t know how many people go beyond the image to the comments. I hope I’m entertaining too.
      Hitler, like your doctor, was also a failed artist. A realist watercolour painter. He studied in Liverpool, England, the city where I grew up. In one of his speeches/rants about everything, he attacked artists who don’t paint realism, saying, they seem to have something wrong with their eyes, so they should be gouged out and then they should be sterilized so they don’t make any more wrong thinking artists. So thats what they did.
      Thats pretty bad, things like groping by men in positions of power and trust is too easily ignored. Easily deniable, how far do they want things to go before police will take action. If you filed a report with the police, it just might be ignored, but it may also get him on a watch list. He may have other complaints against him that you don’t know about. Your complaint may tip the scales for someone to keep an eye on him.
      And holy crap, coincidence or what, you had a collapsed lung? I’m still recovering from the same thing. About 2 months ago now. They stuck a tube through my ribs and sent me home. Its their new minimal effort treatment style they have here. Five days later the ‘surgeon’ pulled it out and said there you go, there’s a 10% chance it may happen again, have a nice day. The same thing had happened on my left side 10 years ago, then it was into the hospital for a week, followed by surgery then 6 months recovery and follow up visits with the surgeon. This time they just wanted me to go away and presumably fix myself or die, no difference to them, they get paid anyway. The new way is better for the economy. Its a common idea here, if its good for the economy it must be good for people, yes, that makes sense. Inanimate theoretical concepts must be fed first, presumably it will then look after us, unless it starts acting like a human and decides to keep everything to itself. People get in the way of an efficiently running economy.
      I’m still recovering too, as much from the collapsed lung as from the way I was treated. They’ve made it frightening to get sick here too. Its a hospital, they don’t have time for people. We don’t have to pay cash here, so they frighten people with neglect.
      Our debit cards are our chip, most of us can’t do much without it. I’m assuming they haven’t put it in us yet because it would be too expensive. So far its cheaper for them to make us carry it everywhere we go.

  4. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    I realize this is public. It’s okay, I haven’t said anything that I felt had to remain private. I do a bit of writing, I’ve been in some workshops, so I have a pretty good comfort level with biographical stuff. My father’s insanity is the stuff of legends. And I don’t believe he has ever used a computer, my sister on the other hand, well, if there is anything she doesn’t want to know, she knows better than to go look for it, because I am the family truth teller.

    I realize I could maybe tip the scales with old dirty paws, but a friend of mine, a woman lawyer, said for what would go on it would not be worth it. It can be a small world, I know what he did and the fact that I have spoken to a number of people about it, this is going to come back to haunt him.

    Yes, I did read fairly recently Hitler was a failed artist. It is hard to believe what happened and yet, it is still happening, with whatever modern twist that lets it go on. It goes to what you said about people needing to be controlled to some extent, Hitler for example, should not have gone uncontrolled.

    Well, that is very strange about your lung. Mine collapsed twice. I forget the name of the machine thing I was hooked up to, it kept fluid out of the chest cavity and the lung healed over. But it collapsed a couple of weeks later and they had to operate. It’s been almost a year now. In my case, it is a long standing illness (not related to smoking, although I have smoked on and off over the years) that had gone undetected. Yes, the hospital was a horror. I felt like no one there had ever seen a sick person before. The air conditioning was out, it was 100 degrees, I was suffocating, and they threatened to put me in the psych ward because I wouldn’t shut up about the fact that I couldn’t breathe. They are lucky I don’t have the energy to file a malpractice.

    I get email notifications when you update, with your email, but that email I think having to with the gallery is no longer functioning. If you go to your dashboard, do you see it listing comments from me with my email? It’s not my primary email, it’s the email just for this site. Look for the link comments I’ve made and things like that. There is more about the lungs I don’t want to say here.

    Well, I completely know what you are going through, and I sincerely hope you feel better. Thanks for the laugh about making us carry the credit cards, that was funny.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      I can’t find anything else in my dashboard with link comments. Do you have trouble coming back to this page. I’ve had to talk to wordpress admin before about a dead link to this page. They checked and said it was working, that was about 2 months ago.
      Yes the surgery on the lung. I had to go through that the first time. With the pump attached to drain the blood. Several nerves were cut and it has never stopped hurting, even though they used the arthroscopic method with tiny cameras inside me. This time it was just a tube with a weird filter thing at the end. But the tube through the ribs is what’s painful. I still feel like I’ve been stabbed, like I’m being stabbed. I think it is because we don’t pay directly for medical care that they feel more comfortable with experimenting with new practices. We are guinea pigs for the latest surgical procedures and we aren’t allowed to question something if its free, which it isn’t. Everyone is taxed heavily, even the poor, there is a 15% sales tax on everything you buy here. Except for some essential foods. And it seems that here they have decided that if you ask for painkiller you must be a drug addict. There is a very big problem here with the social use of prescription drugs. So I didn’t ask. They were clear enough of their dislike for me as a person. Who do I think I am getting sick and forcing them to actually do something. I have been told clearly that I am nothing but a burden to the taxpayers of Canada, the good honest Canadians with proper jobs. But I’m also quite sure that if my artwork actually is recognized at some point in the future, maybe after I die as is typical, I will become the best Canadian artist ever. They do that here. Although most Canadian artists have to leave Canada to be recognized, musicians, writers and painters.

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