Some Mathematics


6 Responses to “Some Mathematics”

  1. Fascinating
    What’s the story?

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      These were done using a slab of plastecine and one of my stone carvings of ‘Hungry’. I pressed the carving into the plastecine and it took a good impression and released easily. I tried it with clay too but its sticky. Then I built a dam of bristol board in a square around it. Filled that with gypsum, it dries harder than plaster, and leave it to set. Then false finish with bronze paint.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      The story is that these were done over the last year, sitting in a corner gathering dust. They are still part of an idea for something I thought of years ago. The figure of the child would be in bronze, about 4 feet high, four of them, back to back facing outward. Balanced on their heads would be a two inch thick crystal dining table top. The place settings would all have the figure of the yin/yang casting. The silverware would have handles with the figure of the child as a handle. Surrounding the table, the walls would be papered with this pattern. This image multiplied by 1000 or so. I haven’t got the money to just go ahead and do it YET, it is an idea that sticks in my mind frequently.

  2. Awesome. The symetry is just beautiful. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at it.

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