A Wall Of Defence

They were unto us.

That’s what it says. I’ve sat and looked at this monument many times and never actually read everything. I sat in the front of this Cenotaph in Central Park Canada today. I decided to brave the traffic noises and stink. I couldn’t ignore them though as every other car seemed to have a reason to honk their horn. I’ve studied this many times, but this is my first attempt at actually sketching. The front is actually a large, 60 foot square concrete pad, with iron benches, not too comfortable. I feel that it needs to be a large painting. But I feel that way about everything.

This is what it  looks like from my studio.

Those green iron benches are literally a pain.

4 Responses to “A Wall Of Defence”

  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    It’s a good drawing. I’ve taken an enormous interest in pencil drawing these days and how and maybe why an artist arrives at a pencil composition. And lately, I too have wondered, but why …well, why not. I have yet to delve more deeply into the first drawings/paintings. The figure by itself could be sort of a doll….and the green benches not for sitting must be an international thing, and while your gazebo is quite different, the roof looks similar to the one I drew from here. Here, too, a great proportion of benches, particularly on a sidewalk, will get you a view of some gas guzzler and face full of gas as it pulls in or out. Shameful. Not to mention the occupants of said vehicle tripping over the bench and its sitter to get onto the sidewalk. There’s a theme in there somewhere, the benches not for sitting. Like the fancy parlor for the impressive company that never comes to call in the doll house.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      I was always a bit bothered by how much the figure looks like a crucifixion. Like a Jesus in military uniform. I know enough history to know that most of the young men were completely innocent, had no idea why they were going to war. Especially the first world war. My grandfather joined when he was 15 I have been told. And died in his 40’s from the effects of mustard gas. So I understand they sacrificed, but they didn’t know why. All that death because someone was assassinated in Austria? For revenge? For more power? That’s not very christian.

      • melancholiastudioinc Says:

        You’re right, it does resemble a crucified Jesus. I am not all that familiar with the details, but I believe the US did some experimenting with soldiers the soldiers were not aware of, resulting in some odd some odd affects on the soldiers and birth defects in the children of vets, who don’t receive any special medical coverage.

      • graphicanthropology Says:

        I’ve heard of things like that too. Don’t know that much either. But it seems no matter what the accusation there is always someone with ‘qualifications’ willing to step up and say the opposite. No one knows anything for sure anymore because we’re all drowning in lies. Unfortunately many would rather believe the lie. Believing the truth can be awful. I find it despicable that there are so many veterans with no medical coverage at all, even if they weren’t experimenting on them. These young men and women put their lives and health on the line to defend their country, then are tossed off to the side as so much wastage, and there is so much money there. Its the ultimate disrespect.
        We’re stuck in a culture that has come to believe lying is acceptable and is very profitable. Many don’t think twice about it, especially if they can go and be forgiven every sunday.

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