Big Fat Baby

Glasgow 1958

Big fat baby, sitting on his tiny sister

Riding in the pram, pushed by his mummy

Drinking whiskey and shooting cap guns

Through the cobbled streets of Glasgow

Looking for his daddy’s meat dinner

While he worked inside a chimney

Another self portrait, I was informed that I stole my first glass of whiskey at three years old, on hogmanay in Glasgow. We wandered the streets, as Glaswegians do, and I shot people with my cap guns. No one noticed my horns and hooves back then.  We had a great time in the olden days.

2 Responses to “Big Fat Baby”

  1. I thought this was just fabulous. Completely mad.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      Thank you very much. I hope it brought a smile of some sort. Art should be entertaining too I believe. A relief of tension.

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