Gazebo Thingy

Sitting in the park across the road drawing outside again. I was moved to try drawing this strange 6 sided object. The angles are hard to get free hand. Maybe I need a protractor. This is the first try though so I’ll be going to the park more often to get ready for the arrival of the farmers and their vegetables.

5 Responses to “Gazebo Thingy”

  1. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    Looks good! I was walking the dog in the morning and realized some of the trees that were bare just yesterday were starting to blossom. By the time I walked her again in afternoon, many of the blossoms were in full bloom. I’ve been observing the barks on trees, and thought, it’s one thing to draw what I can see, but oh, how much more interesting to eyeball right up to it and get every line and vein, of course, I’d look strange doing that, maybe could snap some up close photos…but that’s not the same, tear off a piece that’s already hanging off….I saw a beautiful daffodil the other day. I couldn’t pick it of course, but on my walk today, one was lying on the sidewalk, so I stuck it my waistband and brought it home and put it in some water. I hope it hold til tomorrow, so I can draw it. I am reminded often of the story of Van Gogh, who was painting a field of sunflowers. He got so anxious trying to get in all the details, each one very beautiful and worth a painting of its own, and finally in a fit of desperation cut several of them of and stuck them in a vase.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      Thanks. I was actually planning on going up close to a tree and doing the bark. There’s so much happening in tree bark. Sit on the grass, maybe take a cushion. I’m quite sure there are some who would think I’m strange just sitting and drawing anything. There seems to be the two types, the passers by with the ‘what a weirdo’ look, and the few who immediately come close and say ‘what are you drawing’. I guess there’s a third group that don’t see me at all.
      I love sunflowers too, although I’ve never actually painted one. I passed a field of them several times, north of here, at different times of year and took a lot of photos of them, in full bloom and in the fall when they were drying in the field. They are so complicated, I feel like I would have to do an equation to draw the centre.

  2. melancholiastudioinc Says:

    That’s an apt description of the centre. It does look like it would take some kind of equation. I have some photos I took years ago, they are very expressive. Some of them stand around in tall groups, and if the heads all face the same way, they appear to be watching something. When I see them in a florist bucket or in a bouquet or vase, I realize those displays don’t show the enormity of sunflowers, they are tall, like giraffes.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      That’s so true, they are huge. I’ve seen then with the seed part as big as a dinner plate, and 7 or 8 feet high. Far over my head anyway, and looking down on me too. The stems are really thick and the leaves are enormous.

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