For the zealots.

Of any religion, including economics.

‘The Last Supper’

What do you think he would say? If your dream comes true and Jesus comes back. Really, what do you think he would say? Love the new bombs you guys have made. And that black hole machine you made is awesome. Torture some more children will you and then I’ll fix the economy for you. Elect the richest man you have and I’ll fix your environment too. Really, what do you fucked up zealots think Jesus would say to you as you dropped bombs on the orphanages in Africa?

The writing is on the wall.

And the Lord spake unto his disciples:

‘Look at this mess’

Verily he said:

‘I can’t leave you guys alone for one minute’

And then he let them have it saying unto them:

‘This is it, this is the last time, absolutely the last time I do anything for you lot of assholes’

Back to the caves with you, better yet how about bacteria, start all over again. Give something else a chance.

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