Rock Ice and Trees.

‘Rock Ice Trees’ 8″ X 10″, watercolours.

“Rock, Ice, Trees’, 8″ X 12”, watercolours.

8 Responses to “Rock Ice and Trees.”

  1. I’ve been trying all day to paint an image in my mind similarly sparce. I’m full of admiration.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      I think the hardest part of painting is knowing when to stop. I’d frequently have several pieces of paper stretched and ready to work on, and this I think helps give a bit of time to think if a particular piece has captured the idea. Sparse is sometimes more difficult to achieve.

  2. Cheating I know but sparse just got easier when I remembered I could get back to the white of the paper with a knife. Posting tomorrow. Lacks the elegance of your two paintings but life is short …

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      Another method you might try is a cleaned stiff bristled oil brush and a sponge or paper towel. I’ve used it before at times. Also fine sandpaper works.

      • graphicanthropology Says:

        And I wouldn’t call it cheating, its just another tool in the arsenal for types of effects. Joseph Turner used a knife, his finger nails and sandpaper on some of his watercolour works.

  3. the guy who taught me watercolors used a knife & sandpaper and I think his stuff was gorgeous…
    These are terrific, so subtle, yet the effect is striking.
    Thanks for posting!

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