Mount Garibaldi

Two attempts at painting the same scene at different times of the year.

‘Mount Garibaldi’, 15″ X 21″, watercolour.

‘Mount Garibaldi’, 5″ X 7″, watercolour.

4 Responses to “Mount Garibaldi”

  1. I think these are really great. I like the simplicity of the shape you use and the application of blobs that dry out, pulling the pigment to make lines at the edges.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      Thank you. I was fortunate to live in British Columbia for a while. I could see this mountain from our back yard. I painted this mountain repeatedly, maybe 100 times, while the kids had the pleasure of weeding the vegetable garden.The effects could be seen as somewhat accidental at first, but by painting frequently I knew what a particular blob would do. Another method I used to get effects was blowing at the blobs through a straw to create light and shadowed areas. When the air was full of moisture the lowland hills really looked like green velvet.

  2. That makes sense. How fabulous to have such a scene in your back yard. Where I live is flat.

    • graphicanthropology Says:

      It was inspiring for landscape painting. I’m in Ontario Canada now which is mostly flat. My studio is surrounded by concrete and asphalt with a small green space park across the street were the farmers market exists in the summer. Thats where I painted the vegetables. Uninspiring landscapes, so I mostly paint ideas now.

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