‘Greed’, 36″ X 60″, oil on canvas, 2011.


My generation’s best minds degenerated

for lack of satisfaction of want

of more of the same

for better sameness

likeness of me not you

For want of three bedroom home and car to match

for dog and cat and piranha in a tank

and big screen digital entertainment

for me not you have not earned my

painful existence alone in this three bedroom car

entertainment centre my world me not you

For need of job profession career life reason to live

i am therefore I am your reason to exist

for me and my want to end the solitude

of your loathing for me and my toys

that care for me and not for you

For want of you to understand you

to want what I want my selfish world of more

than you could ever have for you to understand

what I want not what you want entertainment that

is not threatening to my happy misery self

loathing nest of toys you don’t have and

never will you be as valuable as me

For selfish love of I not you

in my brand new car truck boots dress

for selfish love you cannot will not bare

the view outside my selfish love of me

not you

For the compulsion to buy and eat and use

your children not my children the children

of someone else can consume and

consume a child for me and

eat its life and spit it out

not sweet enough to make me

sick of all this stuff stuff stuff

me full of stuffed animal real stuffed animal

to play with for seconds ‘til boredom

overtakes the need for

new child toy animal commercial eat consume horror

to spit out not sweet enough

for me not you

My generations minds cry out whine simpering

like a howling brat in shops

of stuff for me not you

its mine not yours give it to me

like a new toy at Christmas consumed

all the time I consume

useless time wasted for no reason

is good enough to give it to me

its mine not yours

More Gas Wood Metal SPACE for me

for me to roam indulge my serene

sense of universal harmony

of no death laid at my feet or door or eyes

does not happen in my serene happy couch

wallpaper handbag shoes underwear matching

everything I do matches everything I do

to them as they would do to me

only sooner

Give me what I want don’t need

vitamins and deep fried chocolate covered

whipped cream filled shit to eat

and stuff my mouth my stomach

‘til I puke and fill my land your land

your children’s land with filth and

waste your chance and children’s chance

of life without my self indulgence

to make a world to consume a world

and puke it out from too much in

and violate the void

For my need to be fulfilled

most must die for me to eat

my children and their children

must consume themselves with the need

for the useless toys I make and

whine for the death of most

of the world that I eat for them

to make a better world

for all of me not you

More More More Eat Shit Waste

them all they are in my way

to success to suck tits cock ass c@nt

indulge me not you fuck me not you

kill them let them die its not my fault

they have no food no dignity must be

earned they starve I stuff my face with synthetic fat

so I do not look fat like those that really are

fattened so I can eat their life must be earned

by those who starve I eat their lives and

shit them out to make more food and toys

for me to play and play and self indulge

my pangs of guilt when I see them so I

will not look and be happy

i must be right my toys say so I must be good

For want of sound ecology not waste

of food on souls with no hope of

future to consume more than rice or maggots

from dross I puke from too much self absorption

preservation of my happy world needs you them

to die go away except those to serve my purpose

to consume them like a leech or worse

a virus that does not adapt to its host

to save its own existence and everything dies

For me to live forever not you or yours

cannot keep me happy to use the world

the way I want to keep me filled

with grief and pills of Tiger Pubis

bones of children next to death

so close to health but for me

to live forever with limitless resource for profit

to solve my problems not your problems

hurt my chance for toys I need to

make you go away


To watch them die on entertainment

centre of the universe I am

happy to watch them die and

add to mutual fund profit engineer

of death and destruction of machete

bludgeoned to pieces for me

to drink latte from

african gorilla thumb cups with

tiger vertebrae handle with

pity we cannot yet use human skin

to make furniture for me to sit

in comfort on a woven mat of curly black

pubic hair from virginal third world

starved to death or fattened with butter

to make soap and candles

to enhance my beauty not yours.

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